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Angela McNair Turner

Managing Attorney, South LA Office and Housing & Communities Workgroup

Angela McNair Turner currently serves as Managing Attorney of the Housing and Communities Workgroup and South Los Angeles Community Office. The Housing and Communities Workgroup works toward systems change through litigation, policy, and education aimed at increasing and preserving housing, provides legal services to households facing homelessness, and upholds the civil rights of unhoused individuals.

Angela began her legal career as a Skadden Fellow at LAFLA with a practice focused on direct services and impact litigation to preserve housing and uphold the civil rights of individuals and families facing or experiencing homelessness. She provided direct representation in a broad range of substantive areas including housing, family law, and public benefits. Angela subsequently served as a staff attorney at LAFLA and provided direct representation for tenants in unlawful detainer cases.

Angela has also worked at several other Los Angeles-based legal services nonprofits. She served as Senior Attorney and the lead statewide legislative attorney for Public Counsel’s education rights practice. In that role, Angela employed movement lawyering practices to support youth and parent organizers seeking to dismantle the school to prison pipeline, address punitive and inequitable discipline practices, and eliminate school-based criminalization. Angela worked with the community to leverage local campaigns into statewide legislative efforts such as Senate Bill 419 (Skinner), which eliminated an impermissibly vague suspension category for students in grades K-8. She also worked at the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice, representing young survivors of sexual violence and is a prior California Women’s Foundation Women’s Policy Institute Fellow. Angela has served as a presenter at the Pathways to Justice Conference, National Conference on Sexual Violence, and LAAC Conference.

Angela received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio and her JD from UC Berkeley School of Law.