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Jennifer Baez-Silva

Supervising Attorney, Eviction Defense Center

As a supervising attorney, Jennifer supervises attorneys and other staff in law and motion practice, counsel and advice, and oversight of trial preparation for eviction defense work. Jennifer supervises direct legal services in Los Angeles County for those experiencing the threat of losing their home. Additionally, Jennifer oversees legal clinics, including presenting housing trainings for housing providers, advocacy organizations, and/or community members in collaboration with management to implement programs designed to meet various grant goals and compile data.

Jennifer’s role in advocating for social justice and public interest was inspired when she saw firsthand the impact an oppressive landlord had on multiple families who fell victim to slumlord housing many years ago. Jennifer is a zealous trial lawyer with extensive courtroom experience representing the rights of the poor, the injured, the voiceless, and the defenseless, taking a number of trials to verdict before both judges and juries.

Since 2017, Jennifer’s commitment to the law led Jennifer to take a position as a law professor teaching torts and contracts to first-year law students.

Jennifer attended the University of Arizona and Irvine University College of Law. She is a California native and destresses by running, dancing ballet, practicing yoga and hiking.