Eviction/Unlawful Detainer

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles advocates for tenants through eviction defense. We offer eligible clients the following services:

  • Counsel and advice regarding housing issues, regardless whether an eviction is pending
  • Preparing answers to evictions
  • Preparing tenants for trial when representing themselves.
  • Representing tenants in court

Subsidized Housing Issues

If you are a Section 8 or public housing tenant who is having problems with the Housing Authority, please call us at 800-399-4529. If you are a tenant with a Section 8 voucher, and you are facing the loss of your voucher, we can help you prepare for your hearing.

If you are a veteran facing the loss of your HUD-VASH housing voucher, we may be able to help. Click here to view our services for veterans.

Slum Conditions

LAFLA helps tenants get repairs to their homes by seeking court-ordered repairs in eviction trials.

Rent Control

LAFLA also assists tenants in protecting their rights under local rent control laws. Click here to read about the city of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance, also known as rent control. If you live in Santa Monica, click here to read about Santa Monica’s Rent Control Ordinance.


We also assist military veterans with housing and landlord-tenant problems. Please click here to view our housing services for veterans.

LAFLA advocates for affordable housing issues. Click here for more information.

Call us at 800-399-4529 to see if we can help.

Office Locations

We also have three Domestic Violence Clinics, located at the Superior Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Courthouse and the Long Beach Courthouse.

LAFLA operates four Self-Help Legal Access Centers located in the Inglewood, Long Beach, Santa Monica and Torrance courthouses.