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This policy explains what data we collect when you apply for our services online. To learn about your data when you browse www.lafla.org, please click here.

I) Information We Collect

  1. Information you give us

We collect personal information from you when you express interest in receiving communications or apply to receive services from us. The types of information that we may ask for include identifying information (such as full legal name, date of birth, social security number, or alien registration number); contact information (such as email address, phone number, and address); financial information (such as income amount, sources of income, and assets); and demographic information. Additional types of information may be requested as necessary for specific services or legal cases.

  1.   Information we obtain automatically

We collect some information automatically when you call us or visit our website. When you visit our online intake, we receive information such as the date and time of your visit, your IP address, and what pages you visited. When you call us, we track information such as the phone number you called from, the caller ID we received from the phone provider, and the details of your interactions with our phone system. Calls may also be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.

II) Why We Collect Information

LAFLA uses the information we collect to communicate with you, see how our content is being accessed, provide legal services, comply with legal obligations or funder requirements, and learn how we can improve. We never sell your information. 

III) Information Use and Sharing

  1. How We Use Your Data

If you apply for legal assistance, we are required to ask certain questions to help us check for conflicts of interest, assess your eligibility for our services, comply with funder requirements, and ensure that we can effectively communicate with you about your application.

If you receive legal services from us, we collect and retain your information to comply with our professional obligations as a legal service provider. We may also use technology services to assist in your representation (for example, using word processing software, secure online storage, or e-filing services to prepare and submit court documents). Client files will be retained at least 5 years after conclusion of services to comply with court rules and LAFLA policies.

  1. Our Technology Partners

We reserve the right to use any appropriate third-party technology tools for the purposes listed in the section “Why We Collect Information.” Any technology used for these purposes is reviewed to ensure that any information we share with them is not being used or shared for unauthorized purposes.  Some of these partners are listed below.

  1. Our Service Partners

We may share your information with partners who work with us to provide services. These may be community-based organizations, other legal service providers, research organizations, or government agencies. We will not share information in a way that violates attorney-client confidentiality without consent or unless otherwise required by law.

  1. Our Funders

Our funding agencies require us to share your answers to various eligibility and demographic questions. We may share your answers to these questions in a way that would not identify you, but we will not share your identifying information without consent or unless required by law.

  1. Our Legal Obligations

Except as listed above, LAFLA will not share your information without your consent or unless required by law. Applicant information and client files will be retained at least 5 years after conclusion of services to comply with court rules and LAFLA policies.

IV) Your Data Rights 

  1. Text Messages (SMS/MMS). 

We will only send text messages to you if you have provided us with a mobile phone number, indicated that it is safe to text you, and given us permission to text you. The types of things that we might text you include the status of your application for legal services, referral information, appointment reminders, or updates regarding the legal services you are receiving from us. 

By agreeing to receive text messages, you acknowledge that standard text messaging rates from your wireless carrier may apply. Any costs related to receiving a text message are the responsibility of the individual receiving the messages. Check with your mobile phone provider for details on receiving text messages. 

At any time after receiving a message, you can text STOP to stop receiving future messages. You will receive a confirmation text. To undo this, text START to begin receiving messages again.

  1. Email messages. 

An email address is not required to receive services from LAFLA. If you choose to provide us with your email address, we may use it to provide you with individual updates about the services you are receiving, or to share general communications about LAFLA. 

You can opt out of receiving general communications about LAFLA by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email you received or by contacting communications@lafla.org

We may still email you individual updates about your services even after you unsubscribe from our mailing list. If you do not wish to receive any information about your legal services by email, please contact your assigned advocate, reply to any email you have received, or call us at 1-800-399-4529. 

  1. Minors. 

LAFLA’s website is not designed for children under 13, and we do not knowingly collect any information from minors through our website. If you apply for legal services, we may ask about your household composition (including the number of minor children who live with you) in order to assess your income eligibility.

V) Policy Updates

This policy may be updated periodically. All updates will be shared on our website and the date of our most recent update will be reflected in the policy. 

VI) Our Contact Information

For questions about your privacy during the intake process, please contact itadmins@lafla.org.