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Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles upholds the rights of employees to earn a fair wage, work in a respectful environment, and receive the benefits to which they are entitled. We ensure low-income workers are treated with dignity and are able to provide for themselves and their families.

In the area of employment law, we help income-eligible people with:

  • Recovering unpaid wages including overtime pay
  • Getting unemployment benefits
  • Legal advice regarding discrimination
  • Legal advice regarding workplace harassment
  • Legal advice regarding medical leave and other workplace rights
Employment Law Basics
Learn about Employment Law Basics from the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Topics include:
• Overtime laws
• Your right to rest and meal periods
• Pay transparency laws
• Sick pay laws
• Tip policy laws
• Your right to timely paid wages
• How to advocate for yourself when your employer violates your rights
• Your right to take leave from work due to a medical condition, disability, and/or other circumstances
• Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation laws
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Unemployment Insurance Assistance

Did you know that California’s Employment Development Department provides interpretation for those seeking Unemployment Insurance benefits? Check out these flyers for an easy guide to get help in many languages!

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Know Your Rights

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