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Nonprofit Assistance

Nonprofit organizations are a key part of any community, providing services and support in a variety of ways. LAFLA assists nonprofits with important legal needs so they can do what they do best, helping communities become healthy and economically vibrant places to live.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles assists nonprofit organizations with various matters, including:

  • Formation
  • Tax exemption
  • Governance
  • Real estate documents
  • Regulatory process

We also help organizations that increase economic, educational, and wellness opportunities for low-income residents or prevent residents from being pushed out of neighborhoods experiencing growth. For instance, LAFLA is the leading local services provider offering free legal assistance to existing and emerging community land trusts seeking to stem the tide of displacement in their communities.

This manual provides information on the process of starting a nonprofit corporation in California, including incorporation, application for tax-exemption, and ongoing reporting requirements.

Este manual proporciona información sobre el proceso de creación de una corporación sin fines de lucro en California, que incluye la incorporación, la solicitud de exención de impuestos y los requisitos de informes continuos.