News Coverage

October 1, 2017
Los Angeles Times
Coastal Commission will consider relaxing L.A.’s 30-year-old beach curfew

July 14, 2017
LA Curbed
Toxic soil at Jordan Downs: Massive cleanup fails where LA plans to build new shops, restaurants

June 30, 2017
My News LA
All-night beach access is goal, but LA seeks curfew permit

June 16, 2017
Downtown News
City, Business Group Settle Suit Over Seizure of Homeless People’s Property

June 8, 2017

Does beach curfew violate Coastal Act? Judge’s decision may open LA beaches to overnight use

June 5, 2017
Environmental Issues Surround $1B Watts Redevelopment Project

June 5, 2017
Jordan Downs construction begins despite soil contamination concerns

March 27, 2017
La Opinión

Presupuesto de Trump elimina ayuda legal gratis para la población de bajos recursos

March 10, 2017
California Bar Journal

Legal aid funding at risk of federal budget cuts

March 1, 2017
Los Angeles Sentinel

Crossroads UMC Hosts Expungement Clinic

December 22, 2016
LA Weekly

10 L.A. Charities That Need Your Help This Holiday Season (or Whenever)

December 20, 2016
Free Speech Radio News

Los Angeles outlaws sleeping in cars, further criminalizing homelessness

November 18, 2016
Courthouse News

Report Highlights Criminalization of Homeless in LA

November 9, 2016
Los Angeles Times

L.A. City Council bans sleeping in vehicles near homes, schools

October 19, 2016
Think Progress

The hidden poisoning of poor children at an L.A. housing complex

October 12, 2016

Former ITT Tech students still reeling; declare a debt-strike

October 4, 2016
Slator News

Recent Rulings Impact Language Services in US States

October 1, 2016
The Guardian

Lead contamination in LA housing project said to put 300 kids at risk

September 30, 2016
Daily Journal (op-ed)

Fixing California’s approach to pro bono

September 23, 2016
Courthouse News

LA Superior Court Boosts Translation Help

September 22, 2016
Uprising! on KPFK

Discussion on lead contamination and displacement at Jordan Downs

September 22, 2016
Daily Journal

Under Pressure, LA Superior Court agrees to provide free interpreters in all cases

September 20, 2016
Justice Department

Justice Department and Los Angeles County Superior Court Reach Agreement to Ensure Access to Justice for Limited English Proficient Individuals

September 12, 2016
Los Angeles Times

Closing of ITT Tech and other for-profit schools leaves thousands of students in limbo

September 7, 2016
Los Angeles Times

ITT Tech students explore their options in wake of shutdown

September 6, 2016
LA Weekly

Storefront Notarios Victimize New Immigrants, Prompting an L.A. Fraud Clampdown

September 6, 2016
Los Angeles Times

ITT Tech shuts down all its schools; one student says he’s ‘angry times 10 million’

August 31, 2016
The Argonaut

Venice Property Owners Vote to Approve BID

August 19, 2016

‘Uninhabitable Conditions’ Plague Residents At Westside Assisted Living Facility

August 19, 2016
Construction & Demolition Recycling

L.A. site set for demolition despite possible lead contaminations

August 18, 2016
Curbed LA

Jordan Downs demolition will start soon: The soil might contain elevated levels of lead, but demo won’t wait

August 17, 2016

Jordan Downs demolition to begin any day now despite concerns about lead in the soil

August 12, 2016
Daily Journal

West Los Angeles elderly home ordered to stop evictions (login required)

July 24, 2016
The Sound 100.3

Interview with Silvia Argueta and Franke Santos

July 18, 2016
Grunion Gazette

Long Beach Wine, Food Event Benefits Legal Aid Foundation Programs

May 31, 2016

Email scandal leads to review of lead levels at Jordan Downs

May 26, 2016
One Justice Blog

Pro Bono Training Institute receives national attention at the White House Forum!

May 18, 2016
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to hold Long Beach Prop. 47 clinic

May 12, 2016</br />Long Beach Post
Legal Aid Foundation to Host Record Expungement Clinic in Long Beach Next Week

May 4, 2016</br />City News Service
LA Homeless Count Up Over Last Year

April 17, 2016
Fox 11: Midday Sunday

Midday Sunday: State of the City and homelessness

April 15, 2016

Elderly, Disabled Residents Left Outside in the Cold in Santa Monica

April 14, 2016
My News LA/City News Service

Judge bars city from seizing and destroying homeless people’s property

April 14, 2016

L.A. Cannot Simply Seize Homeless People’s Property, Federal Judge Says

April 13, 2016
Los Angeles Times

Seize a homeless person’s property? Not so fast, a federal judge tells L.A.

April 13, 2016</br />El Confidencial
Cruzando solos el Río Grande: menores en busca del sueño americano

April 6, 2016
My News LA/City News Service

LA Council considers final approval of ordinance letting homeless store belongings

April 2016
Equal Justice Works Blog

Success Story: VISTA Affordable Housing Preservation Project

March 30, 2016

City May Soften Rules To Allow Homeless To Store Belongings In Bins

March 30, 2016
Fox 11

City Council considers ordinance that would let LA’s homeless store belongings

March 30, 2016
My News LA

LA City Council tentatively approves ordinance that would let homeless store belongings

March 25, 2016
Los Angeles Times

Court may help Corinthian students win relief

March 18, 2016

LA to consider allowing homeless to keep some possessions during encampment removals

March 17, 2016

Homeless sue Los Angeles for arrests and destroying their property

March 16, 2016
I Heart Radio

Advocates For Homeless Planning to Sue City

March 16, 2016
Courthouse News Service

Homeless Advocates Blast LA for Crackdowns

March 16, 2016

Lawsuit opposes seizing, destroying homeless’ property

March 15, 2016
My News LA

Homeless advocates’ lawsuit accuses LAPD of wrongdoing

March 15, 2016

Lawsuit filed against city of Los Angeles for endangering homeless

March 14, 2016
Los Angeles Times

Lawsuit says L.A. endangered homeless people by seizing their tents and shopping carts

March 14, 2016

LA sued over seizure of homeless people’s belongings

March 1, 2016
ABA Journal

Justice moves slowly for those who need interpreters

Feb. 11, 2016

Marinello students getting legal aid after beauty-school closure

Feb. 8, 2016
(Victorville) Daily Press

Students struggling since Marinello shutdown

Feb. 5, 2016
(Carroll, Iowa) Daily Times Herald

L.A. justice center named for Manilla’s Olson

Feb. 3, 2016

Landlords in Los Angeles Are Allegedly Making Buildings Uninhabitable to Push Out Poor People

Jan. 21, 2016
Daily Journal

New center will enable us to close the justice gap
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Jan. 20, 2016
Daily Journal

Ron Olson Justice Center breaks ground
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Jan. 19, 2016
Los Angeles Times

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles breaks ground for new headquarters in Pico-Union

Jan. 15, 2016
Daily Journal

Law firms chip in to help build LAFLA headquarters
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Jan. 15, 2016
Asian Journal

Coalition launches API human trafficking task force

Dec. 14, 2015

Why some defrauded college students can’t get debt relief

Dec. 9, 2015
Los Angeles Times

Venice activists sue city of Los Angeles over beach curfew

Nov. 30, 2015
Los Angeles Times

Skid row tenants accuse landlord of trying to drive them out of building

Dec. 1, 2015
Los Angeles Times

L.A. County supervisors vote against selling 241 public housing units

Dec. 1, 2015

Tenants at Skid Row’s Madison Hotel sue to improve conditions

Nov. 22, 2015

Lax Regulatory Enforcement Leaves Thousands at Risk of Lead Poisoning in California

Nov. 20, 2015
Courthouse News Service

LA Poor Sue Over Hurdles to Meager Benefits

Nov. 19, 2015
Think Progress

Los Angeles Allegedly Forces the Mentally Ill Through Bureaucratic Nightmare For Welfare

Nov. 18, 2015
Los Angeles Times

Lawsuit accuses L.A. County of denying welfare aid to mentally ill homeless people

Nov. 5, 2015
Daily Journal

SF expungement program sees increases in applicants after Prop. 47

Nov. 2, 2015
Rafu Shimpo

Task force uses art to raise awareness of domestic violence in API community

Nov. 2, 2015
Courthouse News Service

Street Vendors Want L.A. to Stop Coercion

Oct. 30, 2015
Noticiero Univision

Vendedores ambulantes presentan demanda a policías oen Los Ángeles

Oct. 29, 2015
Los Angeles Times

Sidewalk vendors sue L.A., say city seized their carts and belongings

Oct. 29, 2015

Street Vendors Sue Los Angeles Over Seizures In Fashion District

Oct. 29, 2015

LA street vendors sue city, business group over seized carts

Oct. 26, 2015
My News

Street vendors to file suit for alleged destruction of vendors’ carts, personal belongings

Oct. 20, 2015
Los Angeles Times

L.A. County denies aid to mentally ill homeless people, advocates say

Oct. 17, 2015
Daily News

More fleeing from Syria likely to settle in Southern California

Sept. 9, 2015
Daily Journal

Judicial Council considers new forms for unaccompanied minor proceedings
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Aug. 3, 2015
Santa Ynez Valley News

Los Olivos winemaker wins in international competition

July 31, 2015

Long Beach Grand Cru Public Wine Competition

July 29, 2015
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – LA Newsletter

First-ever Prop 47 and Record Expungement Clinic Changes Lives, Builds Futures

July 27, 2015

Stop the (Wine) Presses – A White Varietal from Wisconsin Beats All Contenders in the 2015 Long Beach Grand Cru International Wine Competition

July 26, 2015
(Albany, N.Y.) Times Union

Dowd on Drinks: Cayuga Lake winery entry ‘best in show’ in California

July 23, 2015
Random Lengths News

The Long Beach Grand Cru: Judge For a Day

July 23, 2015
Wine Industry Advisor

Trempealeau Family-Owned Winery Competes with the World and Wins!

July 22, 2015
San Bernardino Sun

Students move on after Four-D, Corinthian college closures; Expert raises caution

July 22, 2015
Orlando Weekly

How Florida’s judicial system violates the federal Civil Rights Act and leaves non-English speakers out in the cold

July 21, 2015
Eve’s Wine 101

Judging 101: The Long Beach Grand Cru and the Winning Wine List

June 15, 2015
Daily Journal

Cuéllar leads language access push for courts
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Office Locations

We also have three Domestic Violence Clinics, located at the Superior Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Courthouse and the Long Beach Courthouse.

LAFLA operates four Self-Help Legal Access Centers located in the Inglewood, Long Beach, Santa Monica and Torrance courthouses.