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Letter from Our Executive Director

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our clients are survivors. Each time a client reaches out for our help, he or she is standing up for his or her right to live in dignity. Lately, we have seen many more clients than usual, and of course this is an unusual time that we live in. Each day we are reminded of the grim unemployment statistics that are causing more hunger, losses of homes, and an increase in domestic violence. It is difficult to imagine how our clients survive on such little money on a day-to-day basis, foregoing things that some of us take for granted such as food, a safe home, transportation, and health care. It takes a lot of courage for our clients to contact us, but they do.

Once they come to us for help, at LAFLA, we not only look to resolve their individual legal problem, we do much more than that: We ask how can we change the circumstances that are causing our clients to live in conditions that exacerbate their poverty.

Thank you for your support during this time, together we make a difference. Please also make sure to browse and share our COVID-19 resources for community members.

Be well,



Silvia R. Argueta
Executive Director