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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice at LAFLA

LAFLA works to embody our values of equity and inclusion both in the workplace and in our community-facing programs.

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LAFLA’s Ongoing Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice 

Justice for some is not justice at all. LAFLA was founded with the mission of advancing equal justice—leveling the playing field for people who are and have been oppressed, excluded, or disempowered in our society.  We believe that as part of our efforts to build a more just world, our organization must embody our values of equity and inclusion both in the workplace and in our community-facing programs.

We know that this is a continuous process which will require us to constantly learn and adapt. To anchor our journey and hold ourselves accountable, we have adopted these concrete goals and commitments:

  • Foster a workplace that is welcoming and hospitable to all aspects of employees’ and clients’ identities, including race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, age, family and caretaker status, reflective in our processes, internal policies and procedures. 
  • Be diligent in creating equitable conditions for employees at all levels, including advancing diversity in leadership positions, with staff equity as our north star.   
  • Provide full access to our services to all clients while honoring their dignity. This includes ensuring that services are provided in the client’s preferred language and with cultural intelligence; that individualized accommodations are offered for clients with disabilities; that our locations and events accommodate children; and that we proactively outreach to meet communities where they are.  
  • Offer programs that are designed to proactively combat the systemic, intersectional inequities faced by communities of color, economic status, immigrants or those with limited English proficiency, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.  
  • Consistently reevaluate this journey to grow by receiving constructive input from our employees and the clients we serve, putting active learning at the forefront, while celebrating the diversity in all of us.

We honor that Los Angeles is located on Tongva land and it is our obligation to pursue justice on this land.