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Our 2020 Annual Report is Live

We are excited to announce the release of our 2020 Annual Report. Learn about LAFLA’s impact on our clients and community members, as we pivoted to mostly remote services due to COVID. Our 2020 Annual Report is a tribute to the resilience of our clients, for whom the pandemic exacerbated many of the issues they already faced, such as housing and economic security.

In 2020, LAFLA provided free legal services to more than 100,000 people, including the clients pictured below:

  • Kisha, a stroke survivor whose LAFLA attorney ensured she could maintain her government benefits and housing as she recovered;
  • Dennis, a single father whose LAFLA attorney and pro bono counsel successfully fought against his family’s wrongful eviction; 
  • Doyeon*, a single mother with limited English proficiency whose LAFLA attorney helped her escape from an abusive husband.

Plus, be sure to read the message from LAFLA Executive Director Silvia Argueta and LAFLA Board President Michael Maddigan:

“Throughout our 2020 Annual Report, you will learn about the impact we made together… While there is much work to do to overturn systemic racism and discrimination, the positive differences we have made over the last year are testament to the power of collective good. This shared compassion and empathy drives us forward — so that access to justice is not a fleeting ideal, but rather normalcy for all members of our society, including our most vulnerable.”

* Not her real name.